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Aroma Foundry Mandarin Essential Oil – 15 ml – 100% Pure & All Natural

Aroma Foundry Mandarin Essential Oil - 15 ml - 100% Pure & All Natural

Aroma Foundry Mandarin Essential Oil - 15 ml - 100% Pure & All Natural Rating:
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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Aroma Foundry Mandarin Essential Oil - 15 ml - 100% Pure & All Natural - Product Description

Originally from China, mandarin oranges made their way to Europe in the 19th century, eventually finding their way to Italy. In Italy mandarins gained explosive popularity, quickly moving throughout the Mediterranean, into Africa, and then across the rest of the globe. Italian mandarin oil is the most prized. So naturally, in our quest for quality, we sourced our mandarin oil from Italy. Buy it with a few others citruses like orange, lemon, and bergamot to test your sense of your smell.  Like the entire Aroma Foundry essential oil line, each bottle of premium Italian oil has been hand-bottled in California in small batches (batch number indicated on cap sticker), then inspected and packaged in a special recyclable Aroma Foundry box. We never cut corners, from the sourcing of oil to the bottling process to the packaging, and we stand by each bottle we sell with a Money Back Guarantee. Our Mandarin Oil will shine when used in aromatherapy, perfumes, room sprays, candles and as a supplement for personal care needs including soaps, bath salts, and massage oils. We've been asked, "Why are our prices so low?" We set out with two goals in mind: to elevate the quality and transparency of essential oils, and to do so without triggering sticker shock. We spent over a year trying out oils from all over the globe, only to be underwhelmed by most. Because we searched high and low for so long, we were able to find credible sources of undoubted purity, distinguishing the best of the best from the rest. And because we buy in high volume we are able to negotiate wholesale discounts that, while not as low as those of less discerning sellers, allow us to deliver what we consider to be the best value you'll find. CAUTION: Oils are concentrated please exercise care when using. Keep from children. Avoid contact with eyes. Possible skin sensitivity, do not use undiluted on skin. If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Not for internal use.

Aroma Foundry Mandarin Essential Oil - 15 ml - 100% Pure & All Natural - Details

  • 100% PURE AND ALL NATURAL MANDARIN OIL - Aroma Foundry will NEVER sell essential oils laced with synthetics or additives; you'll only be sniffing the good stuff.
  • SOURCED FROM MANDARIN GROWN IN ITALY - Aroma Foundry works hard to source premium oils from luxury suppliers and native locales, not shady corners of the globe like some other companies. We pledge to be as transparent about the location we've sourced from as possible so you know and trust what you're using.
  • HAND BOTTLED IN CALIFORNIA - Upon receiving the oils and confirming the quality, our oils are hand bottled with care in California in numbered small batches and then inspected and boxed. Our high touch, detailed process ensures you'll receive a product you'll love.
  • VERSATILE MANDARIN OIL - Our highly concentrated Mandarin Oil packs a potent punch in aromatherapy diffusers. It will also stand out in soaps, perfumes, deodorants, candle making, massage oils, room sprays, bath salts, natural remedies, body wash, cleaning products, and other home care needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Buy with confidence. You'll love Aroma Foundry essential oils, or we'll give your money back. Caution: Because our oils are so potent, pregnant women should consult a doctor before using, keep out of reach of children, and dilute with carrier oils before applying to skin. Not for internal use.

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